What we do

Avayle provides consulting services to help our clients improve their business.

Change is always happening and we are all being pushed by technology, however the regulatory requirements of your business have not changed….how you deal with them has.  Our client’s benefit from our years of experience, and our knowledge of the industries we work in.

We divide our services into two categories – product specific and product agnostic.

Product specific services is pretty easy to understand – we have deep knowledge of the products we work with and our clients take advantage of that to help them become more efficient.

Product agnostic is a bit different.  Our clients recognize that we have seen hundreds of companies and we have a solid understanding of accounting and operational controls in a wide variety of industries.  In some cases, our clients need to leverage our unbiased perspective.  This perspective is what some of our clients benefit from when they are trying to improve their process, or define what they need in a new system.

Product Specific services –

  • Business process review and optimization
  • Training
  • Customization and integration

Product Agnostic services –

  • Requirements definition
  • Software review, evaluation and selection

Requirements definition

We help companies identify the real business requirements – breaking them out of the habits they developed because their old systems locked them into a certain way.  If you are a growing company you are probably busy adding more spreadsheets and independent sets of data to plug the holes where your current applications fall short.  The real issue here is actually your core system.  It is no longer the right system for your business.   Our approach is to ask questions, and document the reality of what your business has become and help you chart where you want to get to.  The final output is a map that gives you the real requirements looking forward.  You can then use this to make better decisions about the systems that support your business, and the procedures you should have in place to support the continued growth.