Premier Epicor ERP assistance….. 530-823-2829
Premier Epicor ERP assistance….. 530-823-2829


The foundation for Epicor ERP – Vantage and Vista are still used by many manufacturing companies. These products are no longer supported under Epicor’s active support program, but if you are still under a maintenance contract with Epicor, you can get some assistance from Epicor Support through email.

How can we help? While we don’t have access to the core code, we do have years of experience with version 8x of both of these products. We still help clients that want to continue to use this version. While not as powerful as the new Epicor 10 solution, Vantage and Vista still offer a tremendous set of features that, if implemented correctly, can help an organization.

Areas that we can provide value include

  • Understanding and use of appropriate cost accounting for your organization
  • Using the tool to manage production
  • Utilize Scheduling
  • Correct use of the “method of manufacturing” structure
  • Improvement in Inventory management
If any of this sounds interesting – call us at 530-823-2829