Premier Epicor ERP assistance….. 530-823-2829
Premier Epicor ERP assistance….. 530-823-2829

Epicor ERP Software

Epicor ERP is a feature rich set of modules that are actually built to run a manufacturing company.  They are not a Financial Application that has some add on or third party modules for manufacturing.  We don’t sell Epicor so our opinions are only based on our deep understanding of the products capabilities.  If you don’t have Epicor, but you are evaluating software, feel free to reach out to us for an honest opinion.  Our knowledge of the product will create some bias towards it, but we will be able to share with you what to prepare for if you decide to move forward with any software purchase.

Here are a few benefits of implementing Epicor ERP correctly

  • Improved Inventory – which translates to better use of capital
  • Systematically scheduling the shop floor instead of daily “priority” meetings – which redirects your focus on production
  • Simplify the order to cash process flow – which translates to faster access to cash
  • Timely understanding of your true costs – no longer guessing based on experience
  • A single system that supports and validates your financial statements – which can help you grow through greater access to capital

Contact us for an honest conversation about correctly implementing an ERP system.

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